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“The object of creating the ‘Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary’ was simply to try keep some rhinos safe so that they could breed. It was, and is, an exercise in security and management, not a scientific experiment.” – Anna Merz ‘Rhino at the Brink of Extinction’

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Kalahari predator convervationKalahari Predator Conservation Trust

Unfortunately, African predators are very endangered. The population of various such species has drastically declined and their habitat has decreased enormously. Some of them are taken in to custody and relocated to protected areas -areas that act as islands in an ocean of humanity. The original existing coexistence between man and animal in Africa is crumbling and at quite a fast pace. The reason is the supremacy of man through firearms and technology. Moreover, the recurrent conflict between territories and habitats of man and animal are making a coexistence hard to realize.